What are you reading? 2020

My family took a vacation the week of Labor Day, and I determined it was high time I got back to surveying the readers on the beach. That’s right, I approach total strangers, who are minding their own business, with their noses in books, and interrupt them to ask them what they’re reading. (Sometimes I start off with my name and assure them I’m not selling anything).

I’ve done this survey a few times before. Although it used to embarrass my kids, my reader friends all loved it, because here’s what I know: readers like to talk about what they’re reading. We do! And I’ve found that it’s quite enjoyable to talk about books with people I’ve never met before. We’re all just people anyway, trying to relax, trying to get a tan, trying to read a book without being bothered. You know how it is…

Enough chit chat. Here’s what the people were reading at North Myrtle Beach, Labor Day week, 2020.

My first victim, er, I mean, my first participant, was this lovely lady from Ohio. She was reading on her Kindle, (or maybe Nook, not sure). These devices are perfect for beach reading because the screen shows up just like a physical book but there is no annoying page-blowing. She’s reading Shem Creek by Dorothea Benton Frank, a very popular author around these parts. This happy fellow below, I’m assuming is her son. (I don’t get personal in these interviews.) He grinned like this the whole time I was jabbering. And who wouldn’t want this set up he had? It’s like he brought his sofa out on the beach.

Some folks don’t want their picture included but still don’t mind talking and letting me take a photo of their book.

Elin Hilderbrand is always a popular pick.

I met the Mister while walking one way, and met the Missus on my way back. So cute, reading Harry Potter.

This reader said it wasn’t that good.

This is Laura from Tennessee. It was great talking to her. She says I need to hashtag all these authors.
Laura’s friend said, “I’m just reading an Inquirer”.
We talked about eating plants and she recommended I read “How Not To Die”
Her friend was reading for pleasure.
Super fun couple. We talked Lee Child, Grisham, LOST and they had me scope out another couple to see what they were reading.
This is how you do it. Put that chair right in the water.
The cutest little lady and so sweet.
Reading up on the Kennedys.
One of several authors I didn’t know. And how cute is her suit?
This was her second time reading this one.

And what was I reading this week? I finished Shades of Blue by Karen Kingsbury, late at night on my kindle, with some tears. On the beach I read what I’d been waiting to read since Mother’s Day, Camino Winds by John Grisham. Knowing that Hurricane Season was coming and adding to that a trip to the beach, I had the perfect atmosphere for this book!

So much fun with this one.

Other books spotted on the beach were titles by Karin Slaughter, more by Mary Kay Andrews and Dorthea Benton Frank.

I found a used book store in town and picked up next summer’s big book.

That’s all for this year, friends. You can take a look at my previous surveys by typing Beach Reading Survey in my search bar. Have a great fall and Happy Reading!!