My reviews are simple.

Actually, they can hardly be called reviews, they’re more like journaling.
I am not skilled in literary analysis so you won’t find much of that here. I may mention if I caught some foreshadowing or something like that but mostly what you’ll see is an overview of the story, maybe a bit about what was going on in my life at the time, or how the story applied to me. Like this one.

A few of my older reviews are full of spoilers. I’m sorry, I’ve gotten a lot better about that.
If you want to read Stephen King’s The Stand without spoilers, then you might want to skip my review. I was just too excited about some of the goings on in that one and I couldn’t help myself. I had a fantastic time writing and talking about it!

So, obviously, I don’t request or receive books from publishers to be reviewed. I read only a few new books in a year because there are so many older books I haven’t read that have already made a significant impact on the world. Not that new stuff is not impacting, I just prefer to play catch up on what I’ve missed. That’s mostly what I read, with a few exceptions. Anything new by a favorite author I would jump on.

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