LOST Meals

It was the last season of LOST.
One Tuesday evening before the show aired, I decided to make a favorite meal to celebrate.
I pulled out my lovely rimmed soup bowl for my pasta and a stemmed glass for my iced tea.
Then I got inspired!
I thought, “What if I make a special LOST themed meal each week?”
I posted photos and teasers each week on my facebook page about what I was preparing and had loads of fun interacting with everyone.
The photos here are what I made. They are not beautiful food photos, I’m not great at that.
But they were a LABOR OF LOVE, every one of them, and they made the last season of LOST that much more fun.


Time Traveling Tilapia with Benjamin Broccoli and Rice Rousseau
It doesn’t look so great, but that tilapia was encrusted with pecans and it was delicious!


LOST tilapia


Jack’s Chicken Scampi with Angel Hair Pasta

I quizzed my facebook friends on why this meal was significant to Jack…
Answer:  During his first solo spinal surgery, he made a mistake and split open the patient’s dural sac. He said the nerves spilled out like angel hair pasta.
Now you can have that visual the next time you have angel hair. You’re welcome.:)

angel hair chicken scampi


Sun and Jin’s Stir-Fry
I’m sure this kind of dish is way better in Korea.
This was a recipe I wanted to try from Pampered Chef.  A little too much orange marmalade but other than that, it was excellent.

Jin and Sun's chicken and noodle stir-fry


Rose and Bernard’s Choco-hot-o pots
Hot, romantic, dark and light, just like this awesome couple. Recipe by Nigella Lawson


choco hoto pots

Smokey Fajitas
A nod to the SMOKE MONSTER with smokey fajitas and remembering the BLACK ROCK with Black Rock Black Bean Salsa.  Bland picture but the food was an explosion of flavor! Mmmm…


smoky fajitas

The Hurley Sampler
A meal that honors Hurley and  “the numbers“.
4 Hot Pockets,  8 pieces fried chicken,  15 saltines,  16 (oz) sodas,  23 pieces of fruit and  42 shrimp.

The Hurley sampler


Libby Lime Sherbet

You can’t remember Hurley without remembering his love….she was so sweet….

libby lime sherbert


LOST Lasagna
For LOST lovers who lost in love….Jack and Kate, Sawyer and Juliet, Shannon and Sayid and Nadia, Charlie and Claire, Hurley and Libby, Charles and Eloise,  Paulo and Nikki, Richard and Isabella, John and Helen, Daniel and Charlotte.
(I kept trying to tell people the show was not about romance…)

LOST asagna


Floating Island
Inspired by Julia Child, simplified by me.


floating island 1

floating island 2


Boone’s Burgers, Destiny Dogs and Free Will Fries

They get philosophical on the island ya’ll.

boone's burgers


Shannon’s Sugar-Free Jello
Shannon, tanning on the beach, post plane crash. Brother offers her a chocolate bar he found…
“As if I’m going to start eating chocolate.”

shannons jello


Jerk Pork Tenderloin with Mango Salsa
For Anthony Cooper, voted on by my LOST friends as the “Biggest jerk on LOST”.
I posted a survey of three or four candidates and all the jerky things they did but it’s hard to beat stealing your kid’s kidney and then pushing him out of an eight story building.

jerk pork tenderloin


Frozen Yogurt
For “Frogurt”, who was in the frozen yogurt business, and was also a jerk.



Memorial Mac and Cheese
Comfort food.
I needed this one, to get me through the trauma of one particular episode….involving Sun and Jin…
(This was home made and WAY better than it looks)


memorial mac and cheese


Sweet Redemption
I made this solely and solemnly for Sayid.
You can always choose to do good.

sweet redemption


My first attempt at chocolate curls

My first attempt at chocolate curls

The Sabotage, The Sacrifice and The Sea of Love

Three subs dedicated to three fabulous “sub” scenes in LOST.
The Sabotage – Jack’s first HOPE for ESCAPE,  foiled by John Locke when he blew it to smithereens!
The Sacrifice – James and Juliet’s ticket to ride that they gave up in order to stop Jack from blowing up the island. Juliet’s long, last look was heartbreaking.
The Sea of Love – the final sub we saw, sinking, sinking, and taking a few of the ones we love down with it.


three subs


Don’t Tell Me What I Can’t Do – Tiramisu 

Recipe from Barefoot Contessa.  It was ok.




That’s a Wrap! Pierre Chang’s Lettuce Wraps

This was my LOST Finale meal. I got the recipe for PF Chang’s Lettuce Wraps and called them Pierre Chang’s. Cause how perfect does that work? These were soooo good. But really, it cost a lot more to make them than to just go to the restaurant and order them.
Seriously, my heart was heavy eating these things because I knew it was the end. Sigh….

its a wrap


Final Dessert

Just going with the theme of dark and light, good and evil, Rose and Bernard and all that.:)
This is my favorite food picture. This and the lasagna…

dark and light







3 thoughts on “LOST Meals

  1. I would not hate you, I would tell you to consult me if you decide to watch it in it’s entirety.
    I have a few rules for the serious viewer.:)
    You get a pass for being out of the country and a big thank you for what you were doing.:)

  2. I almost envy you, April, because you have the luxury of sitting down and watching them ALL AT ONCE. I don’t think I’ll ever watch the show again but it consumed me when it was on. I just loved it.

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