Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

I don’t typically read Science Fiction. I can probably count all that I’ve ever read of the genre on one hand. Maybe both hands, because there was that LOST challenge I completed between 2011 and 2014, but in 53 years of living, that’s not much. I don’t know much of the lingo but I can tell you that
I really, REALLY enjoyed this book.

The best description I can give it is found in the blurb on the front cover of the paperback edition;
“A mind-blowing sci-fi/Suspense/Love Story Mash-up.” And that, my friends, is what it is.

What’s that super power some characters have where they can self-multiply?
Wait, let me text my son and ask him…
Self Replication? Yes, that’s kind of what’s happening here, but not really. We’re kind of Time Traveling but not quite. We are definitely on multiple, parallel time lines and things build in intensity and desperation all the way to the end.

Clearly, I can’t explain it, I just want you to read it. I WANT YOU TO READ THIS BOOK.
It’s like a gift to the lay reader. No need to love science or have a degree in Physics to follow, but it’s still so intelligently and emotionally written.

I read this as part of Roof Beam Reader’s 2022 TBR Challenge. So far I’ve read 9 out of the 12 books that I committed to read for this year. These are not new books, but some that I have had on my bookshelves for over a year. I regret not reading this one long ago. If I had, then I probably would have already read the two books Mr. Couch wrote that follow. Now I have those to look forward to. And I’ll have a little more Sci-fi in my pocket!


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