Harry’s Trees by Jon Cohen

What a delightful story about two grieving people; thirty something Harry and ten year old Oriana.
There is an element of magical realism, and that really isn’t my thing, but it wasn’t overdone. It actually made me want to believe in what was happening.

Harry feels the unbearable weight of guilt from the death of his wife. He blames himself, so when he is rewarded four million dollars in a wrongful death suit, it only adds to his despair and sense of responsibility.

Oriana, through the help of an old librarian and an old hand written book, believes she knows just the thing to lift Harry out of his sorrow. Harry, in turn, believes he knows just how to help Oriana, who has also experienced life-changing loss.

Things get a little intense at times because someone close to Harry knows about the four million dollars and is on the chase to get what he feels is owed him.

This book has it all. Romance, heart-break, humor, fantasy, bookish delight and trees. Trees, galore!!

I read this book as part of the TBR challenge I’m working on in 2022. This is book number 5 out of 12.

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