Blind Dates, Bridesmaids & Other Disasters by Aspen Hadley

The first book I chose to read for the TBR Challenge was delightful. It was definitely predictable, as I imagine most rom/com books are, but it had a fun plot line and it made me appreciate that I am not having to navigate my way around the dating world.

Rachel Steven’s is a twenty-seven year old elementary school teacher, who is considering remaining single all the days of her life and acquiring cats along the way. When her roommate and best friend Hannah becomes engaged, she wants to share all the love and happiness by challenging Rachel to go on six blind dates before her wedding. Reluctantly, Rachel agrees believing she has nothing to lose.

The men and the dates this woman experiences are just outrageous. And when James, her ex-fiance that she broke up with seven years ago, comes on the scene, she infuriates the reader! We know good and well that if she would just COMMUNICATE HER FEELINGS her life would happily fall back into place and she could avoid a whole lot of heartache. But we can’t have all that so fast when we read.

It really was a sweet and funny story. And for someone who appreciates this kind of thing, there was absolutely no profanity in the whole book. It’s shocking really, but it was so refreshing.

It’ll probably be March before I can get back to the challenge since I am reading Don Quixote for one of my book clubs. And that’s a big one. I’m thinking the next one will be Dark Matter by Blake Crouch, but we’ll see when we get there!

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