Birthdays and Bookish Talk

It is the eve of my fiftieth birthday. You would think I would feel sad or self-conscious or dreadful about saying that but I don’t. I love birthdays. I’ve never felt deprived by having a birthday so close to Christmas. I have my awesome parents to thank for that. They never once gave me a combined gift for the two occasions, not that it would have been the worst thing in the world, as I have never been in need for anything. It’s fun having another reason to celebrate between Christmas and New Years. I know none of us really relish the thought of growing old, and believe me, I receive daily physical reminders that I am not getting any younger, but on the inside I feel perpetually young.


This past summer I went on a cruise with my girlfriends from college. We were all turning fifty this year and we decided to do something together to celebrate since we let it get past us when we were forty.  That trip was my big celebration and it was a blast!


And since I’ve had the distraction of my son’s wedding earlier this month, I haven’t thought very much about what I would do to celebrate tomorrow. Did you catch that? My son was married on December 15th. My baby. I have arrived at that time in life where my children can be married.


So, with my life a little on the busy side these days, I did not finish two of the three reading challenges I participated in for 2018. I read 11 of 12 books for the Modern Mrs. Darcy Reading Challenge and 11 of 12 books for the Roof Beam Reader To Be Read Pile Challenge. I actually had enough time in the last couple of months to finish both challenges but when I got down to the last titles I had committed to read, I just couldn’t put my mind or energy on those particular books. On the up side, I got rid of three or four books from my shelf that I have no intention of ever reading. I’ll be doing more of that in the next few days.

I did meet my goodreads goal of 30 books. I know that doesn’t sound like much to some but may I mention that two of those books were Moby Dick and Anna Karenina? And I am a slow reader. SLOW. Overall, I had a great reading year. I loved almost everything I read. All but two of the books were four or five stars for me. Also, some buddies and I started a Big Book Book Club that will meet twice a year. Our first book was Moby Dick, the next one will be The Brothers Karamazov. I’m happy about that because I read it four or five years ago and I still remember a fair amount. I think I’ll try listening to it this time.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to read “challenge free” this year, other than my goodreads goal. There are several big ones I want to read and they take me long time. I’ll also keep working on reading books I already own. I’m committed to keeping that number under control.

Happy New Year and happy reading to us all!!

2 thoughts on “Birthdays and Bookish Talk

  1. And now, we’re halfway through 2019!!!!! What’s new and exciting in your life? How’s the challengeless reading going? How are the newlyweds?

    That 50th birthday trip sounded like a blast!

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