Beach Reading Survey 2017

I took a trip to the beach for Labor Day weekend. It was a short stay so that equals a short opportunity to talk to the readers up and down the beach. (And you know me, I’m gonna squeeze that in when I can.) To be honest, I didn’t find a ton of readers this time. That’s probably because I usually conduct my survey in the middle of the summer when there are more vacationers. Nevertheless, there are always some readers wherever you are, and I’ve discovered, even though I am a total stranger to them, readers like to talk about what they are reading. I don’t think I scared anyone. Here’s what I found:


This is Melissa. She was the first one I talked to and she was absolutely delightful. We chatted and found out that both of our book clubs had just read our 50th books! She and I share the same reading tastes.


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This was a precious mom and daughter and they were happy to participate in my survey. I looked for them on the way back down the beach to get their names but I missed them. They were fun to talk to.




And this is Chad, the only man I found reading on the beach this year. (That’s not typical.) I found him when I was heading inside for the day so I HAD to stop and talk to him. Turns out, we have a couple of mutual friends from high school! He was a great conversationalist and I’m glad I could include him in my survey.

There you have it! Tune in next summer for another exciting edition of the Beach Reading Survey. Happy Reading, friends!


4 thoughts on “Beach Reading Survey 2017

    • Catherine! It’s funny you should mention the previous surveys and what I was reading. I intended to include both of those in my post when I was planning it early last week, then my days got busy and I didn’t get to post until Saturday and I forgot!!
      Anyway, you should be able to find my previous surveys by typing Beach Reading Survey in my search bar. And since my trip was so short I did more walking and swimming this time but I did manage to read some of Brennan Manning’s All is Grace on my kindle, while on the beach, and My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You I’m Sorry while in the room.

  1. Hey Darlene! Thanks for including our picture in your Beach Reading Survey 2017. I am Tara and my daughter’s name is Kayleigh. We are the mother/daughter readers you met on the beach! It was a pleasure to meet and talk with you!

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