My Favorite Cover

I just want to share with ya”ll my favorite book cover ever.
If you know me you know that I love fine china. I love the beautiful plates, silver flatware, crystal; the impractical stuff that most people don’t make use of anymore. I like having my hot tea in a teacup and saucer and reading Jane Austen makes me feel like drinking tea, even if I really only read her in the summer.

sense and sensibility

So this cover has this cute little cup and saucer with gold shimmers, but I realize that there are tons of books with cups and saucers on them. But ya’ll, do you see that cyclone coming up out of that cup? That is the truest picture I could ever come up with to describe my feelings about reading this book!!

I was so frustrated reading Sense and Sensibility. I am sure it was all my personal issue and not Ms. Austen’s talent but it really drove me nuts. I was in a constant state of eye rolling and “Oh my gosh, STOP WHINING, get over it, etc. I kept expecting a Pride and Prejudice feeling with all the wit and humor but I got none of that. I am certain that my issue was that I had read P & P the previous summer, then nine or ten months later I watched the six part movie so my brain kept thinking this next story of sisters and their need of marriage would be like the last one. Nope.

So when I saw this cover. I immediately fell in love. That pretty little cup and that crazy storm brewing there like the storm brewing in me while I was reading that sucker.
Sigh…I know, this probably only makes sense to me but if you only knew how much…

Anyone else out there care to share with me your favorite book cover? Do you just love it or is there a story behind it?









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