Beach Reading Survey 2016


It’s that time of year again! The time when I grab my beach towel, hat, sunglasses and chair and I plop myself right in the sand, close to the water’s edge. I take a look up and down the beach and I wonder…what’s everybody reading? And THEN, I do the thing my family has come to expect from me. I get up, start walking and start talking to the people who are reading about what they are reading. It’s become one of my favorite things to do on our beach vacation.

This is the third year of conducting my survey. The results of the first one were reported on my facebook page with no pictures. Last year I talked to a lot more people and you can read that post and see those photos here.

So without further ado, here is what the people were reading last week at North Myrtle Beach, SC.

13901532_1239559816054810_9173517790001427129_n          13921039_1239560079388117_5329843659183543215_n    13887050_1239559879388137_760976722460058481_n


This may be my favorite. I call her the Gangsta Reader.



This adorable couple was from West Virginia. Their one month old baby girl was sleeping back in the room. Mom’s not reading here but told me she is a big Emily Giffin fan.


13925372_1239559472721511_9191101136842961803_n    13872849_1239560022721456_251671265154977867_n  13900058_1239559429388182_6409565384726525572_n

The beach was covered in readers this year and I’d like to thank them for being super cool and allowing me to post their photo on the world wide web. See ya next summer!!

11 thoughts on “Beach Reading Survey 2016

    • Haha! I was delighted to see the Ayn Rand reader! Rand gets a lot of grief so I’m glad when people just read her anyway.:) But I’m with you on the grain of salt. I read The Fountainhead and I really liked it and found it incredibly thought provoking, however, there was a balance between what I liked/accepted and with what I didn’t.

    • Absolutely! I’ll include whoever will let me. I usually encounter only one or two people who are not interested in talking, probably because they assume I’m selling something. I love talking to the men. Readers like to talk about what they are reading.

  1. What a neat idea thank you for sharing. I’m a big reader and at the beach a lot always looking to see what people are reading. Seems you can’t do that as much with people reading Ereaders, etc. I do too but I rather have a pb on the beach. Last week it was home again by Kristen Hannah but it never came out of bag.

    • I actually prefer my kindle paper white at the beach. No pages flapping in the wind or getting damp. But truth be told, I don’t always get much reading done on the beach. I prefer my eyes closed, listening to the ocean, or people watching. But I always pack a book or the kindle and manage to read a little bit.

  2. Yeah a fun post. I always try to glimpse on airplanes or beaches what people are reading, and your photos reveal no real big surprises; these all seem good beach reads.

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