May Reading Challenge: Smash Your Stack!


Andi at Estella’s Revenge is issuing a reading challenge for the month of May. The Smash Your Stack event is a call for readers to curtail the purchasing of new books and to get busy reading those perfectly good books sitting on your shelf, that for whatever reason you haven’t gotten to.

Ya’ll, I am all about this! I’ve been working on reading my own books all year. Other than occasional Book Club selections and bookish gifts here and there, my goal is to keep my acquisition of new books this year to a minimum. But let’s not get crazy… know I have a wish list.

So, my goal is to read six of my own books in May; three complete novels and to finish three non-fiction books that I have going. That will be 100% of my reading for the month.
Nothing new….

Want to join me??

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