2016 Reading Goals

Tis the season to tally up last years totals and cast vision for the next, so here goes…

2015 was the year of challenge free reading for me. After spending three years working on and completing my LOST Book Club Challenge I wanted to just relax a bit and read whatever I wanted. The only reading I committed to that was outside of my own list was Sense and Sensibility for the Austen in August event and whatever books came along for book club. I thought my numbers would really go up because I was reading for me and not what a challenge dictated but my numbers didn’t really change that much. I read five more books than I averaged for the previous four years. It was nice having a year off but I’ll be getting back to it this year.

Here are my 2016 goals:

1. Finish what I started in 2015. I have three novels and one audio book that I have not finished and I need to cross them off my list. The audio book is, (and gosh people, please don’t hate me, I’m looking at you April at Steadfast Reader), A Prayer for Owen Meany. LAW I am having a hard time getting through this one. It’s just soooo lonnnngggg and I can’t really put my finger on what it is that I don’t like. I just…I don’t know. But because I am who I am, I shall finish it. And hopefully I’ll be glad I did.

2.  I am beginning another read through the Bible. Now last time it took me five years. Well, I should say, I took five years to do it. That’s a tad long. This time I am shooting for two years. I’m reading the NIV translation and I’m using the guide from Discipleship Journal. I like that one because it keeps you in the Old and New Testaments all the time and there are 25 days of reading per month which gives you some catch up time if you miss some days.

3. This is the year for Moby Dick. I can’t say that I ever wanted to read that one before but after my LOST party, a friend of mine gave me a copy as a gift and said that he thought I would really like it. I think he’s going to be right.


4. I will read another Jane Austen novel in August. I hope the blogging meme happens again this year but either way, I’m going to read this lovely jewel, Emma. I won this copy last year from The Folio Society when Roof Beam Reader hosted the month long Jane Austen extravaganza.

InstaSize_0110195409 (1)

That’s it for the big goals. My Goodreads goal is set at 30. I think it will be more like 40 but I am playing it safe. I’ve got a few heavies on my list.

Tell me, have you read and adored A Prayer for Owen Meany?
Have you read Moby Dick, Emma or through the entire Bible in a year?
Tell me. tell me!


5 thoughts on “2016 Reading Goals

  1. Oh good luck on Owen Meany. I do like the book, am teaching it right now, but it is so long when you’ve got other things to do. Lol. And, I LOVE LOST – so cool you’ve read the list! I did a post on LOST in December.

    • I know!! I need to get back to your post and comment on it. It got away with me. Sorry!
      And I don’t hate Owen Meany, it’s just that when I settle down to read it, or listen to it, I just get so annoyed.
      And like I said I don’t know why. I would LOVE to take your class on it though!

      • It’s understandable – the length is what is getting me. I love big books and if I could just sit and read it, I might be better off. But reading on a schedule and having to fill out a study guide and such alongside is making it drag. I dread having to go back to it too.

  2. Aren’t The Folio Society editions beautiful? I’ve got a quite a few, now, including Emma and Pride & Prejudice. I hope they print the full Austen line at some point — I had their edition of Sense & Sensibility, but I must have given it to someone. Whoops.

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