The Sunday Salon – Wrinkle, Rosie, Pizza and LOST

What I’m doing: Sitting here in bed at 10:25 p.m., trying to decide if I’m going to do this blog post, or read, or go to sleep. (Blog post wins!) This week is the week for my Wrinkle in Time class. I’m nervous and I’m not quite 100% finished with my prep work. The class is out of town so I will be gone for three days and three nights and I don’t know these kiddos that I’ll be teaching. But I think it’s gonna be great and hopefully I can give you guys an update next week.

Twin B is lying on my bed too, playing on his ipad that he bought with his very own money. He’s broke now but that’s how it goes, right?

What I’m Reading: I’m reading a few things; Sense and Sensibility, Broken Butterfly, and the hubs and I are reading aloud to each other The Rosie Project. (Awww….) It’s my Mother’s Day gift from him. He took me to this great independent bookstore last weekend and like usual, I go in looking for one thing and come out with something else. I thought I was going to get that beautiful hardback copy of All the Light We Cannot See but I saw that cute paperback copy of The Rosie Project and it reminded me I hadn’t read it yet. Then I decided later that I wanted us to read it together. He wasn’t going to say no to me on Mother’s Day. We’re not getting to it everyday but it has been fun so far. Up next, The House Girl for book club.

How I’m Feeling: REALLY DEPRIVED. Today is day 17. The end of cycle 1 of the 17 day diet. Overall, I think I have done well. I’ve followed the plan probably 90%. I have not had ANY sweets, potatoes, bread, pasta, rice, milk, cereal, crackers or PIZZA. Some days it’s not hard at all and then there are days like today when I think I’m going to seriously hurt someone. Today was a horrible day for wanting so many things I can’t have. I thought it would be easier because I thought I would feel victorious for finishing cycle 1. But really, I just want to eat everything. So far I’ve lost 7 lbs. I think that would have been more if I had exercised so I want to focus on that in cycle 2. I’m not knocking 7 lbs but really, after all the deprivation I have experienced I was hoping for more like 12 lbs.

What I’m Planning: Next Saturday, the 23rd, is the five year anniversary of the LOST series finale. I’m gonna call up some friends, make some PF (Pierre) Chang’s Lettuce Wraps, (you get the “Pierre” if you followed the show), and have a viewing party. Nothing big, only appreciators of the show allowed. And the wraps are totally legal in my diet. I made them as my finale meal when I was creating meals for the last season of the show. You can see more about my LOST meals here.


Mr. Science aka Pierre Chang aka Marvin Candle. “I repeat, do not feed the polar bears.”

Have a great week everyone!!

One thought on “The Sunday Salon – Wrinkle, Rosie, Pizza and LOST

  1. Good job on the diet. 7 pounds is good. No sweets and pizza is tough. It likely would eventually kill me. Good luck with the class.

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