The Sunday Salon – Cauliflower Power

What I’m doing: Talking to kid number 2, (the oldest twin), about The Avengers new movie that I haven’t seen yet. He’s telling me the funny parts about how Captain America is calling the other heroes out on their profanity. He knows this makes me happy as I often feel like the last person left on the planet who cares about that sort of thing. He even gives me a “bleep” in the car when there’s a word in a song were listening to. Now, don’t worry people, I’m not that sensitive, I promise I’m not, but if my 16 year old boy wants to “protect” me from something…uh….yes….I’m gonna let him. I’m gonna miss that baby when he’s gone…

What I’m reading:  A Wrinkle in Time. I forgot how much science and general intellectual content there was in that little book. (More on that below). Also, listening to A Prayer for Owen Meany. Well, sometimes listening, sometimes reading, and sometimes none of it. It requires long amounts of time to listen or read it so a lot of days it just ain’t happening.

What I’m hoping for: I’m hoping that the book promo tour for Judy Blume’s upcoming new release spreads out some and heads south. I am seriously considering heading to Pennsylvania to see her and Meg Wolitzer but the bummer is that it is one day after my 25th wedding anniversary. The hubs is not so interested in Judy. That’s a girlfriend thing for sure, so…unless the anniversary celebration gets moved…I won’t be seeing Judy on the 3rd. Plus, even if it did work schedule wise, I would feel so guilty kissing the husband bye on the BIG anniversary for a road trip with the girls. Any other day, no guilt whatsoever….

What I’m focusing on: Me and the hubs have started the 17 Day Diet. I have never really completed any eating plan with any success. In my defense, I don’t typically get caught up in the whole weight-loss obsession. Not that I haven’t needed to lose weight for a long time, but dang it, it’s just not fun and I’d much rather have fun. Would I rather be 50 lbs lighter? YES, (or your size)  Anyway, so far so good. Day three and I’m not miserable at all. Of course, all hubs has to do is think about losing and he does. Ugh…men.

What I’m cooking: A lot of chicken for salads, BUT, last night I made a cauliflower soup that is creamy and delicious and all veg!!!!!! It was so easy and so fast and so fabulous! Just boil the cauliflower and chopped onion with some bouillon til tender, blend it all up and add a pat of butter if you want. OH MY GOSH!!!!!! (The kids thought it stunk though). The key is to not have too much water.

What I’m working on: I have two opportunities, one in May and one in July, to teach a three day Literature camp for some local home schoolers, age 9-14. We’re going to talk literary terms, books, authors, etc, with a focus on A Wrinkle in Time. We will analyze it and discuss it and probably link in some science with it as well. Basically a 3 day unit study on the book. I’m looking forward to it but I’m a little intimidated about filling up six hours each day. I’ll take any suggestions you might have.

Well, that’s it for me this week. What are you guys reading? Cooking? Anybody want to take a road trip to see Judy?

8 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon – Cauliflower Power

  1. A Wrinkle in Time was my favorite book as a kid and I re-read it to my children, when they were young, and had the same reaction you did. Once you are done with it, read WHEN YOU REACH ME by Rebecca Stead. It is a perfect read-alike to A WRINKLE IN TIME. I wish I had paired them for my kids but they were already grown.

    My Sunday Salon

    • Thank you so much for the recommendation! I’ll definitely check it out!
      I read your post as well and really enjoyed it. I don’t plant anything. I envy you for your flowers. And that reading/author event looked FABULOUS!!!

  2. At first I was really bored and disappointed. I’ve always heard that this is Irving’s creme de la creme but all the family history in the beginning was tough for me get through when I was reading at bed time and I was tired. But then it got so much better. I about had my own personal anxiety attack over the cousins but that seems better now too. I’m only in chapter 4, The Little Lord Jesus. Think I’m going to end up loving it. Hope so anyway.

  3. Too bad about the timing of the road trip for Judy & Meg. Sounds pretty cool to me. It’s been a long time since I read A Wrinkle in Time so alas I’m no help to you there. How to fill 6 hrs? That’s a lot. Museum field trip! Good luck on the 17 day eating plan. Sounds like you’re managing it. 🙂

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