The Sunday Salon – March Madness



What I’m Reveling in
Last night’s victory for the NC State Wolfpack over Villanova. Whoop! Whoop!
Basketball is big in North Carolina. I know March Madness is everywhere, but seriously, it’s like a two week holiday around here. I love pulling for this team that is big enough to make itself known in the ACC but still sometimes thought of as the underdog. GO PACK!!

What I’m Reading:
Still listening to Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. Was given more opportunity to listen in the car and in the house this week. I’m somewhere in the middle of it. I’m also reading Choosing to SEE by Mary Beth Chapman. I’ve had this on my Kindle for a few years and finally decided to read it. It’s going to be sad, as it tells the story of the tragic death of her daughter who was accidentally run over by their son. But so far, it is funny, honest and really enjoyable. If you didn’t already know, Mary Beth is the wife of Contemporary Christian Music artist Stephen Curtis Chapman. She tells their story from dating, their struggles and victories in marriage, their eventual love affair with adoption and the loss of their daughter.

What’s Been Cooking:   
Last night I made Vodka alla pasta. It was actually Rachael Ray’s You Won’t Be Single For Long Vodka Cream Pasta.
It was ok. I’ve made it before and liked it better. I used penne pasta this time which is not my favorite. (My favorite is linguine, in case you are ever on a quiz show and the question is, “What is Darlene’s favorite pasta?”) Anyway, I also didn’t have any fresh basil and I missed that. Mike ate his up. He liked it. But really, he only eats to survive. It’s a methodical exercise to get the food in the mouth and down to the stomach. He doesn’t care that much about it. He never has any cravings. I don’t get that. At all.

What I’m about to do.
Bout to take my kid shopping cause he needs some clothes to wear for all his upcoming social/formal functions. This son, unlike his twin, hates to shop. He keeps asking me why I’m making such a big deal about this and I say, “Because I’m remembering shopping with you last year and I’m still feeling wounded!” This year though, I’m bringing along reinforcements, my husband, who is a more patient shopper than me. Truth be told, my son gets his loathing of clothes shopping from me. I hate it. My mom still dresses me. And I promise you, every time I get compliments on what I’m wearing, my momma gave it to me. She’s a fashionista and I got none of it.

So how is March coming along for you guys? Is your team still on the bracket? How is your reading coming along? Cooked anything good lately? Tell me, I’m all ears! 





6 thoughts on “The Sunday Salon – March Madness

  1. I had heard about Steven Curtis Chapman’s son, but didn’t realize his wife had written a book about it. I’ll have to seek that out. I know my sister might be interested in it as well.

    So how is Freedom? I read The Corrections years ago, but haven’t read Freedom…yet.

    • Choosing to SEE has been really great. I have laughed out loud more than once. But the hard part is coming.

      Freedom….hmmmm, well….the STORY is what has me. I love how Franzen has developed his characters. Not that I like them all so much but he has done a great job in creating them. But I’m pretty sensitive to extreme profanity and there is no end of it in Freedom. Kind of feels like an assault at times. And one particular character is pretty filthy and despicable. Thankfully it’s not all about him. But I find myself empathizing greatly with another character so….I’m definitely gonna stick with it.

  2. You cook and I’ll shop anytime, but you will have to send me your recipe for the Pasta (exactly like you like it). Might have to try that to use up some of my cabinet supplies.

  3. Go Pack! I used to live in Virginia so I know all about the Madness you speak of, but I’m now in Canada and haven’t been following it — the first year ever, I swear. I got tennis on the brain after watching Roger Federer at Indian Wells. But if I were in the bracket I’d root for UCLA, since I’m from SoCal. A lot of good teams, a lot of good basketball left …. Have fun!

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