Sunday Salon – The Great Thaw

Time: 3:14 pm

Temperature: A balmy 58 degrees. It’s like spring out there. It’s been a very long, cold and gray week in my neck of the woods and this girl who is normally quite content to be home and not have a lot going on was about Stir Crazy. I braved the ice and cold one night after dinner just to drive around my small town for 30 minutes.

Location: In my bed, with flannel sheets. Comfy.

Thinking About: What a lame blogger I am and how I live so much more in my head than in reality. My thoughts, my plans, my intentions, all play out inside my head and they rarely translate into real life. (Because real life is all up in my face every day.)

What I’m Reading: I just finished This Dark Road to Mercy by Wiley Cash.  I’m also reading Unbroken for book club. We meet next Monday and I am almost half-way through it so I need to get busy. Tammy and I were talking about what we should have for dinner that night for the meeting. Sometimes we go with a book-themed meal. We’re thinking this time we may fix up some rice balls and throw them at each other. (Ha ha, not really. There’ll be no making light of that incredible survival story).

Speaking of Food: I’ve got a couple of soups I plan to make in the next couple of days. I make a split-pea soup once a year or so that only I love around here. So normally, I make it, freeze a little for me and give the rest to a girlfriend or two. It’s hard to find people who appreciate the pea, especially a whole bowl of it but…whatever. I also have some sweet potatoes lying around. I’m going to make Roasted Sweet Potato soup as soon as I get to the store and pick up a few shallots. Lastly, I think I’m going to make some homemade Reese’s peanut butter bars cause…why not?

On the TV tonight: The Oscars. Will I watch it? Eh…maybe. Sometimes I enjoy it. My husband can’t stand it. If they stick to the movies, the art and the acting, and leave off the people worship and political jabs, I’ll be happy.

Planning: Heading out of town with the fam next weekend to visit my parents. Mike gets one weekend off during tax-season and this is it. Sometimes we ditch the kids for the weekend off. Not this time. And they’re old enough now that they’d rather we did ditch them. But not for the g-parents. Seeing them still makes them happy.

So friends, how is your Sunday? 

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