The Invention of Morel by Adolfo Bioy Casares

Let me go ahead and use this big word, cause how often do you get to apply it to your own life?

I just finished the PENULTIMATE book in my LOST Book Club reading challenge.
(actually I do still have some of that curse-ed Ulysses left that I am steadily working on, but I’m ignoring that right now.)
I’m gonna revel in this for a few days because the last book could be a doozy.

The Invention of Morel, was not an easy book to find. I mean, it is available at Amazon and a couple of other used book locations online, but it wasn’t in any of the four libraries in my area, (two college and two public), and I couldn’t find it in any bookstores. There is also no ebook format for the Kindle. This book is OBSCURE people, (except I think it’s all the rage in Argentina.) And with good reason too cause this little, 103-page novella is GOOD!

The narrator, (I don’t think we catch his name), is a fugitive who has fled to an abandoned island that an acquaintance has told him about. The island seems like any other except that there is a museum, a chapel and a swimming pool there. (wha???)  The narrator’s daily routine is to forage for food, keep track of tidal schedules and record his most personal thoughts in his diary.

One day, this beautiful woman appears on the island. He is crazy smitten. Then he discovers lots of other people on the island, roaming in and out of the museum, having dinner, congregating on the hillside and what not. He remains in the shadows for fear that they would see him, discover he is on the run and turn him in to the authorities. So he watches from a distance and eventually gets the nerve to talk to the beautiful woman.
And….she ignores him, acts as if he isn’t even there.

Not to be thwarted, our narrator spends the next couple of days picking flowers and replants them on the hill where he is accustomed to seeing her. HE PLANTS HER A FLOWER GARDEN IN THE DESIGN OF HER SILHOUETTE.
She still ignores him.

Then there is a man.  His name is Morel.  He has an invention.  That’s when it gets a little science-fictiony. But not too much because I could follow it pretty well. And that’s all I’m gonna give you.

See if you can get your hands on a copy of this one. 103 pages. I read it in a week, most of you could do that in a day.


upclose morel



Well, obviously, there is the mysterious island and some weird stuff goes on.  There are seemingly other people inhabiting the island.  The book contains a map of the island, it’s one that the narrator drew in his journal. There are lots of island maps on LOST.

Sawyer is seen reading The Invention of  Morel in season 4.  He has a few things in common with fugitives, he is actually in love with one.  And like in the book, she seems to always be just.out.of.reach.

LOST had a lot of unanswered questions running through the 6 seasons. This irritated some people but it kept me interested.  They answered more than enough to satisfy me when it was all over. The Invention of Morel has it share of mysteries and questions and they get answered even before the end.

The end leaves you with an opportunity to ponder things of eternity and immortality. Just like LOST.

I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying this little read.

2 thoughts on “The Invention of Morel by Adolfo Bioy Casares

  1. That was one of my favorites. I actually tracked down some more of his books after reading this one, and like you, it was hard to get. My library had to get it from another city on interlibrary loan. Congrats on reaching the penultimate book!

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