Facebook Free February – The Music Edition

Ok ya’ll. I’ve been off Facebook for the month of February. Other than some group activity where plans are in the making, and occasionally checking messages to make sure I haven’t missed anything important, I have carried on with life not checking your statuses, photos, videos, and not making any of my own.  And……it’s been rough.  Look, I majored in Mass Communication. I was born to Mass Communicate. I love Facebook and all the fun and joy it brings me on a daily basis. I just decided to take a little time off, cause, I don’t want to be mastered by it. (But I was totally a coward by choosing the shortest month to take time away.)

So, I thought I’d list here some of the things that I haven’t mentioned on Facebook for the last few weeks. I can’t help it, I feel all clogged up, or blogged up, by not throwing my two cents in about some of this stuff. And…I just feel like talking, by way of the keyboard, so, here goes…

The Grammys
(Disclaimer #1)
Let me just go ahead and say this, I haven’t cared about watching the Grammys in a LOT of years. I have caught some of it here and there but after childbirth happened, life as I knew it ceased to exist, including any knowledge or entertainment I had in current music. It got to where I didn’t even know who most of the artists were anymore. But I did enjoy watching it as a teenager, and it just so happens that I have three teenagers in my house now who enjoy watching it, so we had it on and I caught a smigeon of it in between laundry and dishes.

(Disclaimer #2)
I have not been a fan of Katy Perry. I mean, I’m not talking about her personally, but as an artist,
she r-e-a-l-l-y bothered me when she came on the scene with her incredibly popular, incredibly inappropriate music and my incredibly impressionable kid was all entertained by it. (Although I have to say, that I DO crack up every time I hear, “Someone! Call the doctor! Got a case of love bi-polar!) That is a great line.  Anyway….all that to say…..I’m pleased with her new and improved image.  She seems to be carrying a more mature and less attention seeking vibe. AND I think she got robbed at the Grammys. Girlfriend should’ve got a Grammy for “Roar”. I mean, “Get Lucky”???, what the heck??? Grammy-worthy???

The Beatles – A Grammy Salute
Other than the subtitle, (The Night that Changed America), I thought this was a fantastic show. While we were watching this and the Olympics back and forth, my husband laughed and read aloud to me a post on facebook by my college roommate Kristi. She was all like, “The Night that Changed America?? Really?? 9/11 changed America, Pearl Harbor changed America, Abraham Lincoln, Jackie Robinson, voting rights changed America.”  He he…..tell it girl. She really is a very positive person and not a Beatles disser at all. She was just expressing herself and offering us all a little perspective.
Anyway, I LOVED the show. Seriously! I enjoy most of the Beatles music and the McCartney and Wings stuff that came later. And you know what was my favorite performance of the night???
KATY PERRY singing Yesterday. I enjoyed it so much that I’m going to try to post it right here on my blog. Now, the last time I tried to post a video, all I could manage was the URL address that you had to click on to see it. Hopefully, the video picture will show here this time. If not, please, just click the link. Girlfriend did that song some serious justice. And I am sooo happy that my boys now love the song.

That’s all for the Music Edition. Stay tuned for Facebook Free February – Olympic Edition
coming soon!!

5 thoughts on “Facebook Free February – The Music Edition

  1. Love Roar..not so much Katy Perry.
    But we’re all prone to wander, so I give her grace.
    And I love this post Darlene. For real.
    Music is the art that speaks to me.
    Writing is the art I make. =)

    • Lori, I love the art of words,
      So many times I think, “I wish I wrote that…”.
      And your writing is beautiful.
      That whole Beatles special, with the lyrics being sung by different artists, made their words sound like they were brand new.
      Miss Katy Perry even caused me to tear up.
      Now I’m like her mini fan.

  2. I NEVER watch anything on TV, especially now that we have Netflix. So its really amazing that I caught the Beatles special. I totally agree with your critique. Usually these shows are pretty stupid, and the contemporary artists are usually BAD. But this was a very good presentation. LOVED Yesterday as well.

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