Gilmore Girls or You can’t judge a show by it’s network

Ya’ll, my momma told me years ago that I should watch Gilmore Girls. I’d like to tell you that I didn’t watch it because I was sooo busy raising little people, a six year old and twin two year olds when the show began, but that’s not really the reason I wasn’t interested. I blew it off because I knew it was on The WB and all I knew about The WB was Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Now, I don’t mean to dis Buffy or Charmed, but Vampires and witches aren’t my top choices in entertainment.


Well, my momma was right. This year Gilmore Girls made it to Netflix and I spent my spare TV time throughout 2015 watching the entire series, and I had a fabulous, cleansing cry yesterday when I watched the final two episodes.

So I know, I’m late to the game, as usual, but I just gotta talk about it. So, without further ado, I give you my thoughts on Gilmore Girls.
(Minor spoilers abound. Nothing major, but proceed at your own discretion if you haven’t seen the show but think you might.)

1. It was really strange watching Lauren Graham in this show that started back in 2000 because I was also watching the final season of Parenthood on TV, 15 years later. Her characters were similar in both shows but you could physically see the difference in her. It was a minor adjustment but an adjustment none the less. She looked gorgeous and was fantastic in both shows.

2. I loved Emily Gilmore. I know she was her daughter’s nemesis but I thought she was hilarious and often times I thought she was right and Lorelai just needed to let some stuff go. Yes, she was bad when she meddled in Lorelai’s love life but she was usually right-on when it came to Rory.  And I loved how Richard adored Rory.

3. Rory…sigh….Rory, Rory, RORY! He was married!!!!!!!!
Ok, sorry to jump so fast to that. I liked Rory. She was smart, funny and she held her own in the witty banter with her mother. She was a great and thoughtful friend but I found her to be a little bit inconsistent in one area. I know that Rory valued education but she laid that mantra pretty heavily on Dean, like he just wasn’t good enough for her if he wasn’t pursuing higher education. But she never pushed Jesse to do the same. Or Lane for that matter. I don’t know, as much as I liked her and Dean, as the time went on, I thought she just tried to change him. Clearly, they were moving in different directions, and that’s all good, I just felt like, overall, she mistreated him. Especially there at the end of all their “interactions”.

And another thing about Rory. I never could see her as a reporter and eventual foreign correspondent. Really. I know she’s smart enough and independent but that girl straight up had teaching in her future. Masters degree then Doctorate. Teaching as her day job and writing a novel on the side. Ya’ll know I’m right about this.

4. I want a Town Troubadour in my town.

5. I was so glad we got to have a little of Babette in every season.

6. Sometimes I’m walking around the house or wherever, going about my day, and I just hear “La la la la lahhh la…”

7. I.Loved.Luke.  And Christopher, and Logan and Zach and Mrs. Kim, and Michel, and Kirk and Sookie…

8. I liked it when Lorelai would give props to the pop culture stuff I liked and was mildly offended when she dissed my favorite music or movies. I don’t remember specifics but she hurt me a few times.

9. My favorite quote came from Gil when the band was on the outs with Zach and Zach was trying to patch things up.
“Yeah, man, you’re way deep in my bogus bag, and it’s zip locked shut.”

10. Even though I was frustrated with those girls two or three times for some behavioral infractions or letting things get bad when all they needed to do was COMMUNICATE, overall, I loved the show. I really did. And I really loved it at the end when Lorelai is trying to give Rory advice about being out in the world and Rory says, “Mom, you’ve already given me everything I need.” (sniff)

I’ve tried to talk my girl, who’s now 21, into watching it. For some reason she’s not interested…



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