Facebook Free February – The Olympic Edition

It’s me again. Checking in with you while taking a month away from Facebook.
I’m making it. Thanks for asking.:)

Cue the Olympic theme music…
This time I’m catching you up on my Olympic experience. We watched it nearly every night for the 17 days it aired. Even if I don’t particularly love the event being showcased, I enjoy having it in the back ground while I do whatever else I’m doing and I love checking the medal count at the end of each day.  And poor Bob Costas.  I look forward to seeing him every two years for my Olympic coverage. His poor eyes looked rough. I was glad he got to take a few days off.

I LOVED the opening ceremonies this time!!! I loved the walk-through of Russian history and I thought they did a beautiful job of presenting the good, the bad and the ugly. There was no sweeping the ugly under the rug as if it didn’t happen. And then there was the ballet and the literature and Tchaikovsky. It was just stunning and spectacular and meaningful and, well, you can see I enjoyed it. And how funny was it in the closing ceremony that they poked fun at themselves and made it look like the fifth Olympic ring again failed to form the way it did in the opening? That was awesome.

MY FAVORITE MOMENT (of the games)
1. Alright, I wanted Shaun White to get that third gold medal like everyone else did. I like him and he is uber-talented. BUT if he had to lose to anyone, I’m glad it was to that i-pod dude! (they call him that as a short version of his name). For real! Did ya’ll see it? At first I wasn’t real crazy about him cause I heard he had said in an interview that all he wanted to do was to beat Shaun,  and I was like….uh…just…no.  But then later, I heard him say himself that he loves Shaun and he is a huge fan of his and he has such respect for him and on and on. And THEN, did you see how he reacted when he won??? And how gracious Shaun was and how they embraced and celebrated??? I JUST LOVED THAT! I Think it was my favorite moment of the entire games. That was the embodiment of the Olympic spirit right there people.
(I tried to find the right footage to post here because if you missed it, I really want you to see it. But  you know me, I couldn’t find it.)

2. The crazy Slope Style events. That was great to watch, even though we looked at each other and said, “What’s this? The X- games?” And our fabulous USA men swept the podium in one of them. USA! USA! USA!

3. Meryl Davis and Charlie White.  AKA Porcelain Doll and Cutie Patootie.

3. The commercials. Oh, the commercials. I can see one ten times and think nothing of it. But then that tenth time, coupled with the fact that Mike is sitting there, dead-dog tired, and me too, and suddenly a meaningless commercial can have us belly laughing, like five minutes past the time it ends.

The Honda President’s Day commercial was the first. I had seen it but paid it no mind. Then when we saw it together, Mike was losing it in no time flat and I kept singing, “Who’s your founding father??”…
I know, maybe you had to be here, but it was some good therapy.


The Kraft Mac and Cheese commercial where the grown ups are pigging out on the mac and cheese when no one is watching. AND THE DAD takes the  noodle art that his kid made for him and he scrapes the pasta into the boiling water to cook it! OH MY GOSH it makes me laugh now thinking about it!  ( I am so easily entertained.)

That Cadillac commercial with the man walking around talking the whole time. I had seen it several times and didn’t pay any attention to it. His short outfit looked weird to me and he had a strange look to him so in my shallowness I paid him no mind, then he walks through his bedroom door, comes back out looking all 007ish and gets into his Cadillac and says something about taking two weeks off in August and drives away. So then I pay attention to all of it later and I was like… dang… that was nice. Material focused, yes, but nice. I Probably liked it cause it’s all Atlas Shruggy. (That’s my literature reference, since this is a book blog).
You’re welcome.


Least Favorite Moments
There were a couple.
1. When Shaun White hit the side of the half pipe coming down from all his flipping around, and then and there lost his chance at a third gold.
2. When Yevgeny Pushenko couldn’t skate in the men’s competition because of injury to his back. They probably chalk that up to age too, being all of 31 and ancient.  I know he wasn’t on team USA but he is an incredible skater and I’ve always liked watching him. (Even if I only catch it every four years or so.)

So, did you guys watch the games this go around? What did you think about it? I’d love to hear!

4 thoughts on “Facebook Free February – The Olympic Edition

  1. Darlene. I enjoyed watching the Olympics and reading about your favorite and least favorite parts. You truly have the gift of mass communication (and the degree too).

  2. Loved your recap. I have to say the figure skating was my favorite. Of course i loved davis and white but i really enjoyed almost all of them. Opening ceremonies were spectacular. I missed the closing ceremonies. What i really miss is you:) love you roomie.

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